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Detailed contact information:


Brand owner: SHENZHEN YISI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (深圳市益思科技有限公司)


Brand Owner Contact Person : Qingqing Zhou (周青青)


Title of brand owner:The general manage




TEL:+86 13216438990



Officially Authorized Retailer


Retailer 1:


Name: Jiayan Zhong (钟嘉妍)


Company: Shenzhen Demansi Trade CO., LTD. (深圳市德曼斯贸易有限公司)


Address: Longhua District Minzhi Street Shaxia Village Shaxia Village Building 3 Room 401 Shenzhen China, 518000


Amazon Store Name: MECO_DIRECT


Tel: +86 13794428475


Email: [email protected] 


Retailer 2:


Name: Qing Chen (陈晴)


Company: Shenzhenshi Futianqu Beitesijia maoyishanghang (深圳市福田区倍特斯加贸易商行)


Address: Fu tian qu hua qiang bei jie dao zhen xing lu jin mao li du yi lou 103 hao

Shenzhen Guangdong China, 518000


Amazon Store Name: Ziolsam, Ziolsam_de, Ziolsam_fr, Ziolsam_es, Ziolsam_it


Tel: +86 13144419046


Email: [email protected] 



Wholesale and Distributor Contact


If you are needing a large quantity of our products or want to become a distributor we would love to partner with you, contact our wholesale team to get the latest bulk pricing and for more information about partnering.


Email us at [email protected]